Life Lately // Instagram pictures

Its been a while since my last ‘ Life Lately‘ Post , so here goes another  Life Lately post with some recent  photographs that  I shared on my instagram in the last few months. You can follow me here. Hope the weekend is going well! Enjoy every momment and stay creative :)

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Jau kuri laika nebuvo nepasidalinau Life Lately nuotraukelem, stai kelete foto is mano instagram

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Life lately. Last summer days // instagram diary

Hi everyone hope Summer is going well! , if you follow my blog you probably already saw my last Instagram diary  that I posted quite a while ago, so its time for another one with some  new instagram pictures from my last summer days.  And of course if you are interested to see what I’m up to you can follow me on intagram here . Is there any exciting adventures you would like to share that happened over the summer?  My summer was mixed with freelance projects, drawing in the garden , wine in the sun, road trips,  days at the beach and lake,  festivals in the forest and lovely time back home in Vilnius where I’m living right now. There is only few days we have left of the Summer so… lets make the most of it!

Enjoy your week!

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From top left: KOKO (pattern) in progress // blue sunnies // my sunshine essentials

 Candy face I created one day..(I’m still not sure why! haha) // YAGA Gathering festival // Green Tea – love the bottle design

Sunny day in Vilnius // Green lake // Last day At the Beach

// Paskutiniu vasaros savaiciu nuotraukos  is mano instagram’o, buvo visko ir sauletu dienu prie juros, ir festivaliu miske, saules ir lietaus, gaila kad vasara jau i pabaiga!

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Last days of Spring

Some Photographs from these  last few weeks of Spring 2013.

 Hope you had a great Spring, summer is starting just in a few days! Super excited!


Up in the sky, took this on Saturday while  flying to Netherlands.


Had to say Goodbye to my cat, wont be seeing him whole summer!


Finished few last drawings before my trip and scanned to use in my other projects.

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Instragram mini photo – Diary March 2013

Hello,  hope you had a great Easter ! I’m in Holland right now where I spent the last few weeks (nearly a month actually) , though I didn’t bring my SLR camera  so just had to use my iphone most of the time, but it does the job!

 Just a quick post to let you know, you can now follow me on  instagram  @vasarelle .


What do you think about my Ester Eggs decorations? We couldn’t find any egg dye since we left it to the last minute so I just got creative with sharpies  marker:)

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Sunday. March 3

Sunday chill. coffee, breakfast, facebook, art.

I’m going away next weekend so trying to finish off few things today.


creating some collages today


sunny spring outside

drawing new patterns

How are you spending this Sunday? Anything exciting?

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Hello 2013!

Hello January .  New year , new resolutions, or eh maybe not? Did you make any this year , tell me? Here is a great article why  not to bother.

 I hope you all had a lovely time celebrating new years!

all the things in need to do sketchboom christmas table cool

new years christmas table decoration wine lemonade bottle lights photography blog romantic

vasare nar artist illustrator self portrait

and sorry for the lack of blogging lately, my new resolution is , blog more!

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Saturday: Just Chilling

Looks like  ‘the End of the world ‘ didn’t happen then? Good!

chill coffee tumblr magazine relax home  photography interior cool pastel

Relaxing saturday , just  reading some fashion /art/ design- related  magazines,  having some coffee /+ wine …

//Ramus sestadienis namie su kava,  zurnalais ir vyneliu

end of the world facebook cover image art design hipster tumbr unicorns galaxy mushrooms 2

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AHHH HOW do i get rid of these ads :(( so annoying!!

New wall art in my bedroom ‘Hakuna Matata’

New Hakuna Matata canvas print Now in my bedroom,  available here

Pasikabinau savo iliustracija kambary,  visai smagu atsibusti ir matyti ‘No worries for the rest of your days!’ :)



Finally have a huge A1 canvas printer at home so to test it out I printed some of my recent work to decorate my bedroom, and so Hakuna Matata is the first one up , I’m really happy with the result and can’t wait to show you other prints in my next posts, follow me on facebook to stay updated.

//Pagaliau namie yra diiidelis A1 printeris tai dabar ekpreimentuoju ir nusprendizau atspausdinti keleta savo darbu ant canvaso stai pirmasis hakuna matata jau ant sienos :)

1 hakuna matata iphone case art creative design illustration print pillow hipster wanelo vasarenar native navajo geometric black white art phonecase skin home decor

Now I just need some Hakuna Matata pillows and clouds bedding as I mentioned in this post  to complete the look :)

//Dabar truksta tik pagalveliu ir sitos patalynes iki pilno komplekto.

No worries for the rest of your days!

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Photo diary A WEEK IN DUBLIN (May 2012)

Its been a while since my last blog post cause I was away to Dublin for a while. Here is a Photo diary from our week in Dublin. The zoo, few parks, sea side to name a few . There is some really magical looking places in Dublin!

//Foto Dienorastis is praitos savaites Dubline buvom aplankyti draugu, kiek nuostabiu vietu teko pamatyti visi tie spalvoti namukai, gamta, palmes, zaluma, labiausiai alpau del flamingu :)

pink flamingos & waterfall (dublin zoo)

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Easter / spring inspired shoot ‘A day in the forest’

Hi, hope you had a great Easter! I was going to post these photographs on Sunday , but then got really busy with all that  last minute easter preparations and totally forgot. I took these photographs of my friend Vilija a while ago , thought with that rabbit running around it suits the spirit of spring that I can really feel right now , if you follow my work on facebook you can see this album here .

//Pavasario ikvepta fotosesija miske

love how the weather is getting better everyday and you can feel that its spring! finally. My easter eggs didn’t turn out that great I realised I bought nylon dye for fabric instead of getting proper dye for eggs, so I had to try natural ways of dying eggs such as coffee, tea , red wine and paprika. All I can say i’m definitely going to get some proper dye next time hehe , what about you did you manage to create some lovely patterns this easter?

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