My portfolio Calendar 2009

For my university Portfolio, I created a calendar, the aim of the calendar was to reflect the mood of each month, by selecting right background images  and clothes for the model. All photographs used in the calendar was taken by me. The person in the photos is my friend she posed for me in my college photography studio, i tried to pick clothes that matches selected months, and the colours i used for each month were suppose to reflect summer, winter, autumn, and spring. My favourite one is June, maybe because i was born on the 30th of June, i used light colours and the figure in the calendar is floating and all happy looking, that’s how we should feel during summer of course! Each month represents something important happening on that day, December – Christmas and fireworks, Januray- Snow, February -valentines day ant ect. The only program i used for the calendar was Adobe Photoshop.

My 1009 calendar

My 1009 calendar

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