ART: Brandon McLean for Urban Outfitters

Brandon McLeanis a mixed media artist from Orlando, Florida. I actually found out about him by browsing one of my favourite shops Urban Outfitters and  his work  quite frankly, blew me away. He is currently working on a window display for Urban Outfitters which you can see here. See some of his work on flickr here. I love everything about his work, the colours he uses the vintage attitude in his work! Unique, kind of messy style in it that doesnt look like months of planing, but something spontaneous and random, unexpected!

About his work: “More than anything I aim to not take art that seriously, instead I intend to take the process into the unknown. Emerging myself in the mysterious bits of the art pieces and the characters they portray. Embarking on these so called character excursions, collecting odd remnants of lives, the heroes you never knew, and the ghosts they became. There is much to discover in mystery, and in looking at these faces you can’t help but be really, really curious about them.”

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