Vinyl stickers laboratory

Its friday night, 02:29 am, I am drinking my favourite ‘Red Bush’ tea  YES Tea! 2 sugar, no milk  and checking out different design pages and blogs, I must have checked more than 100 different pages this evening, and  when I found this one I was really excited! 

This website sells loads of different vinyl stickers for your home, living room and etc , I just feel like decorating right now! This website gave me some great ideas for the Uni project that i am doing right now and inspired me soo much I just can’t wait to get my skcetch pad and start drawing my University studio plan, and YES i am planing to include some of these sticker designs!

THIS IS GREAT! How many times have you left your keys or mobile phone in the house? It happened more than once

for me, and i think I might order these if this means No more Phoneless days and nights ! HA!


Well this is great! I always find it sooo annoying everytime when I turn on my straighteners and after 5 min

I notice that they are not even warm because if was my Blow dryer that was on! and so on!

One thought on “Vinyl stickers laboratory

  1. Love the concept, very quirky and interesting. Functional and decorative but most importantly pleasing to the eye. I want some for my room, really like the toilet and the first plug one due to the fact that the stickers are correlate to the subject or situation.

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