My happy ending key story (illustrations)

So basically I haven’t been very lucky with my keys before. I had a problem. Well if you can call it a problem…ha! Everything began in 2009 September.I started 2nd year of Uni and moved in with a few people . I was happy to live away from home, until about a few weeks after when I realised that I can’t hold on to my keys properly. Oh how many times I have left my keys. I remember I used to take everything, my Ipod, my money, my phone, even my lighter….but not keys (of course I had lucky days too lol).

Perhaps now you are thinking, so whats the problem, why your housemates wouldn’t let you in? I Have no idea how come, but every time I used to leave my key, my housemates (yes all 3 of them) were either away on holiday, or working in a different town , or visiting family in a different city etc. One day was especially bad, I ran to the shop to buy some gas, and just 2 sec after I closed the door i realised I left my keys ,TV,laptop and the candle in the house. That night I had to stay at my friends house , the next morning I had to walk in the rain for  40 min, to get the spare key from the agency. It was the last time I EVER Left my keys. I thought I need to put a stop on this bad habit.

So what happened basically I decided to draw a series of keys, illustrate them and that way I Will never ever forget my keys, and it actually worked! From now on my drawings of keys are on the walls …everywhere, so every time I leave the house I see these illustrations and I remember my keys all the time.

So this is my Happy ever after…

(Feel free to share your key stories lol)


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