Feisbuk book for Facebook lovers

A girl named Laura Balboa http://www.jjjolll.com has created a one-off design called  Feisbuk. It’s a hardcover notebook with paper pages that looks like the Facebook wall. You write your name and a description in a pair of boxes , then you scrawl whatever you want in the box on the right – which looks like the textbox you get when you want to post something on someone’s wall.Then you can just pass the Feisbuk around and get people to write in it – a wall-to-wall session with two or more people, in real life.
It’s a really lovely design. You can “bookmark” your favorite pages with the fabric bookmark attached to the spine of the notebook. . Network with friends in places without internet connections. Bad news is that Balboa isn’t selling these books yet – it’s just a design study after all, plus it’s in Spanish. I think she could probably make quite a bit of money selling these if you take in mind how many people are addicted to Facebook nowadays.

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