I’m Back!

Well , its been a good while since my last post, and from today everything is going to change, I was away back home for easter, and then had so many uni projects to catch up that I never had a chance to even create a decent blog post, and I thought ,its better to delay for a few weeks, rahter than just post stuff that its not worth knowing about. So in the next few days-weeks look forward to my advertising campaign that I created for uni, a 20sec animation for cathedral eye clinic, a well designed dissertation about the impact of design blogs, on graphic design culture, that contains an interview with Dave Smith from Grafikcache and a rebranding of http://www.nicholsonbass.com/, a new project that I will be starting today. A lot to look forward, and with a hot summer right ahead I need to get this blog going, and I’m ready to do so. So please feel free to ask any questions, share or comment. Vasare’s Design blog is back!

all nighter in uni...

sketchbook bits

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