My animation for the eye clinic +

Hey everyone, so like I  promised last week, there are some  posts about my animation class. Part of the animation class was to create an animation for the Eye clinic. I Should be honest, I am not a big animator so to finaly get it right, took me a while, first attempts were by using Adobe Flash when I finally learned how to use it, well kind of, I decided that I would like to try a stop motion.

So there it is the final animation, which is let’s say Not Amazing, for for the first time lets say its ok :D hopefully I will imporve my animation skills this summer and be very proud to show you my new amazing skills lol

There are some screen shots of the animation

I will post my other ‘fail’ attempts quite soon so keep checking. +By the way i finally got my T shirt design printed so look forward to that aswell ;)


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