Yummy Chocolate by Mary & Matt.OH How nice is that!

You should check artists Mary & Matt special design choholate editions their laters creations are inspired by everything from David Hockney paintings to rugby shirts. Yuumy!

Flavor Editions.

“I scream! You scream! We all scream for…chocolate?!

Handmade chocolates made in small batches. Always fresh and delicious.”

Strawberry Stripes Bar.

Dark (72%) Chocolate and White (36%) Chocolate with Natural Strawberry Ingredients. 3 oz.

Two flavors in one. A classic combo bringing to mind the taste of chocolate dipped strawberries. Inspired by Gene Davis paintings and rugby shirts.

Neapolitan Bar.
Dark (72%) and White (36%) Chocolate and Natural Strawberry Ingredients.
3 oz.Our favorite flavors served side-by-side. Made in memory of Farrell’s ice cream parlour.

Strawberry Bar.

White (36%) Chocolate and Natural Strawberry Ingredients.3 oz.

A blend of natural strawberry and our white chocolate. Naturally aromatic, smooth and tasty. Influenced by our love of ice cream, Strawberry Quik and astronaut ice cream.

Chocolate Pie Chart.

Dark (72%), Milk (66%) and White (36%) Chocolate.

5.5 oz (3.5″ diameter x .75″ high)

Fudge the numbers with this chart made of 70% dark, 20% milk and 10% white chocolate.

Bueno Appetit!


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