Antonio Marras A/W 10/11 Collection

Impressive Antonio Marras collection for Autumn Winter 2010/2011. Sardinian fashion designer Antonio Marras got inspiration  from his country. He works as a designer for Kenzo Maison and has shops in Milan, Alghero (Sardinia), and Moscow. What I like about his clothes is the way he managed to mix so many different materials into one peace , he would use silk, lace, velvet in one peace and it still looks great, I am not saying this is something that I would wear, but I find his collection really inspiring. His outfits kind of reminds me of a mixture between a queen and a really poor person, Sequin and metallic materials, mixed with checked, grey wool looking ones creates this really lovely contrast.  Let me know what you think, either way it would be interesting to know if its just me that finds it pretty ‘queenish’ ‘LAHDIDAH’ like outfits : )


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