New VVW logo

Hey everyone, so my blog is not even a year old, but I already changed the logo quite a few times, here is a  new logo that hopefully will stay on for a while till yet again I will come up with something else I am quite unpredictable and I change everything all the time (don’t know if its a good thing lol) …I suppose its a matter of time when you actually find something that really suits your blog, your personality and style and satisfies you so you don’t feel like changing it ever again! The fact that uni is finished and I am bored most of the time is part of the reason too I have to say,  all I do nowadays  is FB, Draw, Twitter, Play with photoshop, illustrator, indesign, and apply to different design competitions  …:) Oh god this post is too long now :D Byee


I picked the yellow one as the final one but if you think otherwise let me know…:)

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