Event: Pecha Kucha Night In Belfast!

I am really looking forward to this design even on 23rd of june, just a week before my birthday to get some inspirations from great designers, illustrators and more! So if you live in Belfast or anywhere near, come along and hopefully see you there! :)

1 night, 10 Speakers, 20 slides each, 20 seconds per slide. The infamous 20×20 concept. A night of inspiration.

WED 23 JUNE 2010


Andy McMillan, Good on Paper
Barry Falls, Illustrator
Claire Mullan, Tee and Toast
Jamie Neely, Front
Joel Simon, Flickerpix
Lyndsey McDougall, Artist
Nik and Chris, Web Standardistas
Robert Durston, Photographer
Rose Kane, Doodle Bread
Sarah Landstreet, Marshmallow Grove

Come along and support our first Pecha Kucha.

Register for your free ticket here: http://pknbelfast1.eventbrite.com/

Get your tickets fast!

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