Condom pack for retro-gaming lovers

HELLO, I’M BACK! It was my Birthday a few days ago so I got a bit lazy, but loads more new post coming soon! keep checking;)

Remember the days when everyone owned a Game Bow, when No one ever thought that such things as Iphones will be invented, check “Sexy Game Boy“, or sex for geeks created by ilikedoodles designers, is pretty funny 8-bit condom packaging, in a retro gaming way.

“The packaging aims create a desire to purchse the product for aestetic reasons, rather than the necessity of condoms, Symply by owning the product, safe sex is promoted” The pack is a Game Boy, and all condoms are different parodies of classic Game boy video games: ‘The Long End of Zelda”, “Dong”, “Bone Zone 2″, ”Super mario land of love” or ‘Sextris’


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