University project 3 [suicide/depression]

Our last project for semester one was to create an awareness campaign for one of the chosen social issues be it Suicide, STD’S or crime. our task was to design out appropriate visuals that clearly shows your chosen target group and thoughtful approach to the chosen issue. After a lot of consideration I’ve chose to design out suicide.

[includes 4 A2 Posters and awareness cards]


After doing a good bit of research I realized how strong the connection between depression and suicide is. I looked at different articles on depression and various campaigns, I also read a few books on the topic and all of them concentrated on how important it is to get help on time as it can cause some serious damage to mental health which can then lead to suicide. That is when I decided to concentrate on depression as the main factor of my project, and create an awareness campaign for people that might not be informed of how serious depression is an can get if untreated.

My chosen media for the campaign was series of illustrative posters that captures the illusion of depression and how it can drag you down, push you, build up on you and your thoughts. Another important factor of illustrations thorough each poster was a theater mask. People that feel depressed tend to put on an acting mask, and pretend that everything is fine when it isn’t. That makes it really complicated for family and friends to realize when a person really needs help. Each poster consists of illustration and a quote to catch people attention and make them aware of the issue, and it’s importance. The black ‘hole’ in each poster illus- trates the feeling when depression takes over and drags you down. It can be seen as symbolic visual of suicide. Floating masks surrounded by illustrative graphical lines, that are ment to be seen as depression/tangled thoughts pressure, and overload of different feelings that are all mixed up. When depression occurs people are floating between negative thoughts.

Second part of the campaign was awarness cards. I concentrated on them being eye catching as my target audience was 16-24 years old youth and to appeal to such young people  campaign had to be eye catching  but informative at the same for those that might need help.

9 thoughts on “University project 3 [suicide/depression]

  1. Great choice of topics for your project. I know firsthand of people afflicted with depression, and you’re right that they often mask it in an attempt to “go on with the show.” Before too long, however, the mask is ripped off and a desperate attempt is made to regain control. And you’re also correct in saying that thoughts of suicide are never far from their minds. Alcoholism can also become depression’s “partner-in-crime,” as the suffer tries to numb the pain.

    I too recommend persons afflicted with depression, full-on or low-grade, seek help. Where professional assistance is too costly, books abound which can get sufferers started, like those of Dr. Daniel Amen, psychiatrist. His first book, “Change Your Brain, Change Your Life,” helped me, for example. I’m pretty sure I’ve been mildly depressed since childhood.

    Life experiences have helped me work through my issues, as have my loving and supportive spouse and daughter. But Dr. Amen’s books have helped with the “nuts and bolts” stuff.

    So bravo to you, Vasare, for spotlighting a disease that disables!

    and huge hugs…hugmamma. (your artwork is amazing!)

  2. Thank you so much for your kind comment :)It was an interesting topic to design, even though the ‘research’ part of it was quite depressing as I had to read about a lot of suicide/depression cases,but Probably its a good thing to overcome your fears and look at the problem that is really big at the moment with so many people suffering from depression without even knowing it or looking for help…;/

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