Diana Dreamer camera! Oh joy!

I need one of these !!!!

Today I visited Urban Outfitters, and just on my way out I noticed this really pretty mint colour camera. it’s called Diana+ Dreamer camera it’s reproduction from a ’60s original model, the Diana’s simplicity ensures beautiful, dreamy images. It’s Only £50 and you get:

A remake of the original Diana plastic body camera with all the same great features.


– Removable plastic lens to allow for wide angle pin hole shots.
– 2 Shutter speeds
– Ability to do endless panorama shots and multiple exposures
– 2 Picture sizes – 12 shot (5.2×5.2cm) or 16 shot (4.2×4.2cm)
– Requires: 120 Medium format film (not included)
– Film available in: Colour ISO 100/ Colour ISO 400/ Black & White

Contents in the box:

– Diana + Camera
– Diana book
– Instruction manual
– Lens cap and neck strap

I really wan’t to buy one, but I’m planing on buying DSLR in the next week or so and still trying to decide between Canon and Nikon and It will cost me a fortune probably so I will just have to dream about this one until I have some spare money. I really love vintage look photographs, and I would love to try this one out! Let me know if you have one of these and if it’s good!

7 thoughts on “Diana Dreamer camera! Oh joy!

  1. I have my own Diana and it’s a great experience taking pictures on it. You never know the results, but they’re always artistic and fun…

    Congrats for the blog!

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