? need to make a choice

YCN D&AD and ISTD Student briefs

Trying to decide which brief I want to choose from one of the student award briefs from YCN, D&AD or ISTD. I am interested in Illustration the most, but photography is something I am considering as well, I looked at ALL the briefs and It’s so hard to decide on the one I actually want to do as my Final major project in University. Do you know Any students/friends that will be submitting their work? I will try to update this blog everyday from now on, and try to keep up to date with all the work and wish me luck with my decision lol. So hopefully you will see some progress happening soon, this will be like my log so I have some responsibilities

2 thoughts on “? need to make a choice

  1. From my experience last year, I wouldn’t go for ISTD if you’re interested in illustration or photography. I done the D&AD photography brief last year. ISTD is more for typography lovers. (some may disagree! lol) Also one of my final major projects I combined photography and a bit of illustation, so you could try doing both! That’s probably not much help. But definitely choose one that you will enjoy working on and be able to stand for 4-6 weeks! Because if you’re not interested it will drag and you’ll find you won’t produce your best work =)

  2. Thanks for your reply! Yes I realised that ISTD is mostly about typography, so not sure If I would enjoy working on that for so long, unless illustrative type would count. Big decision!! and yeah combining illustration and photography is something I was considering :)that might be fun to do:)

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