Night out with friends

Sometimes it’s so good to relax, go out and forget all the worries, but then reality overtakes and you know it was probably your last night out in the next few months. Yes in the next few months all of us poor students will be really busy, but it’s all worth it at the end!

[translation] Viskas daugiau nebebus laiko tusam ir vakareliam, prasideda tikri mokslai…Liko tiek nedaug atrodo iki  tos vasaros oj dziaugsis Vasare! Ir reikia susiimti  dabar ir visas jegas atiduoti idejom kurybai, svarbiausia, kad tai ne kancia  o idomus mokslai ,nes butu labai ilgi keturi menesiai.

One thought on “Night out with friends

  1. I can appreciate your need to unwind from the stresses of student life. Been there, done that, although many, many years ago. Your art shows dedication and hard work, so you certainly deserve to play. After all, letting go of stuff is how we acquire a wealth of new experiences and creativity.

    My 24-year-old daughter is a professional ballerina, and she knows very well that it’s necessary to have fun regularly. Unwinding helps her jump back into her job with 2 feet, pointe shoed feet. ha,ha.

    so you go, girlfriend!…hugmamma.

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