my favourite markers and colour ink (review)

Since I lost my drawing tablet I’ve been experimenting with pens and water colour instead, and as I said In my previous post, I would like to share with you what I have been using recently. I really like these milan rotuladores fibrepens that I bought in the print shop  a month ago colours are just fantastic and for the price of £7 its really good for what you get , the other photograph is of my new watercolour fluoro ink that I bought on ebay, the pigment is really strong and from one little drop you can get the whole pallete of blues or pinks from the brightest one to the very pale so all you need is one  bottle of your chosen colour ink and you are sorted for all shades of that colour it’s brilliant!  Let me know what do you like to use, I would like to know if you ever tried these before as well .

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* Nauji markeriai ir akvereles inkas, labai patiko nes spalvos grynai kaip parodytos. Nes daznai buna didelis skirtumas, akvareles uztenka vieno laso, ir gauni visa palete tos spalvos, pasidalinkite savo patirtim ir ka jus megstate naudoti iliustracijom butu idomu suzinoti. taip pat kvieciu prisijungti prie mano Facebook puslapio nenusivilsit :) Vasare

© Vasare Nar 2011 All items were purchased my me and, review was my own intention to share my experience with you all. Thanks for reading :)

7 thoughts on “my favourite markers and colour ink (review)

  1. Hi, Vasare, Nice to meet you and thank you visiting my blog. Let me say this first of all, I loved your name, Vasare, is there a meaning? And yes, your blog too! I love all these kind of things… Sometimes I try to make something. But these watercolour ink fascinated me. Can I find in everywhere in UK? I will be flying to UK, soon. I would be glad if you help me about this. And seems it would be so nice, so exciting and inspirational to watch your blog. Greetings and Love, nia

  2. Hi thanks a lot for your comment, Vasara means summer in my country, so that’s kind of the reason behind it since I was born in Summer:) I got these watercolours on ebay, so i’m not sure where else you could find them, but I’m sure few print shops should have them, they are really brilliant I can’t stop drawing. Hope all goes well I’m glad you liked my blog x

  3. yeah they are really good by the brand called Winsor & Newton, you should try them if you ever get a chance, even if you mix a little drop with acrylic white paint you get a large amount of bright paint just by using this pigment, which is brilliant! :)

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