Photographs of Dominyka Coco

My friend visited me all the way from Dublin today and we thought It would be a perfect time to take some photographs, since I’m not gonna see her for a while so we ended up going to this park near where I live and did a quick shoot, she is only 15 and have been dancing ballet for the past 13 years! Adorable:)

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/* Mano draugė Dominyka aplanke mane, ir nusprendm butu puikus metas pasidaryti nauju nuotrauku, kadangi turejome tik apie 40min nuejome I netoliese esanti parka, Dominyka jau daug metu soka Baleta ir jai tik 15 metu , be galo grai ir fotogeniška :)

Kvieciu prisijungti prie mano    Facebook puslapio  kur galesite pamatyti daugiau nuotrauku  arba   Twitter  visada lakiami nauji draugai x

She was wearing purple vintage jumper £5 , vintage floral swimsuit £10 and beautiful  floral dress from new look for £24.99

© Vasare Nar 2011

33 thoughts on “Photographs of Dominyka Coco

  1. Thanks a lot for your comment I’m actually always looking to meet new people to work with and do experimental shots, my email is always looking forward to get emails with suggestions from people about creative projects, or through my Fb page either way, never be afraid and get in touch send me a photo or a few lines. I Already got some lovely emails today from girls that would like to do a shoot and its a honour and I hope there will be more, summer is long hehe :))

  2. These pictures are incredible – they look professionally done. Wish I had friends who would let me trail them with my camera like this!

    Love your blog, and hope that if you have time you will stop by my site, The Internet Garbage and leave some feedback! We are just getting our feet off the ground and would love to see you around!

    Much love,
    The Internet Garbage

    • Thank you, glad you like these photographs, there will be loads more in the next month come back to check them out :) love your blog’s header really eye catching xx

    • Oh thanks a lot! I’m really glad so many people loved these shots, and how this photo-shoot turned out when we only had 40min for it and rushed everything off, I guess the girl is just very photogenic and knows how to act in front of camera hehe :)

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