DIY leather envelope shaped case/bag

Todays post is something I  was ment to post ages ago, few months ago I made these A3 leather cases/bags to put my university research in them, it was really easy to make and costed only £6 to make both of them. All I did was – purchased a few meters of faux leather, and sewn both sides to make a bag, then I folded the front into the envelope/triangle shape and used strong glue to stick it together and after that I got some double sided sticky buttons and used that to seal the bag. Let me know what you think, and  link me if you ever tried to make a bag before.

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// Pries pora menesiu savo universiteto projektui sudeti pagaminau du tokius voko formos ideklus, buvo labai paprasta tiesiog susiuvau abi puses ir poto sulenkiau likuse dali kad gautusi voko/trikampio galas, poto suklijavau su stipriais klijais ir panaudojau dvipuse juostele  susegti tai (naudojama striukem, lietsargiam ir t.t. ) Ar teko jum kada pasisiuti kanors patiem? Pasidalinkit :)

© Vasare Nar 2011

3 thoughts on “DIY leather envelope shaped case/bag

    • Thanks, for my theme I’m using ‘Liquorice by Nudge Design’ with loads of custom css that I did on the top, I’m glad you like it, as I just changed it recently and was trying to decide if it works better. And this leather bag is so simple to make you should try it , I used it for my university research but if it was a bit smaller would be really nice like a clutch :)

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