My little chaotic work space

Some photographs of my ‘studio’ room, my creative space that I spend most of my time working on projects either illustrations or doing brainstorms for photography shoots, it’s filled with loads of inspirational magazines, different drawing materials, paper samples and I covered my walls with various visuals from all sort of places that inspire me everyday. Few days ago I decided to fill up another empty wall in my mini ‘studio’ by making loads of illustrated paper planes and random illustrations and patterns, I keep adding more and its changing all the time so whenever I will change it completely I will add some more photos. Music in this room is  pretty loud, coffee cups changing one after another…. It’s like a little chaotic room, where sometimes I enjoy having few glasses of wine, and let my ideas flow, sometimes I spill the wine, but that’s ok as well I guess haha. Would love to see some photos of other creatives studio, feel free to share! Do you like to work in a chaotic place or does it have to be tidy? Now need to think  of other  inspiring things I could stick on the wall…:)

//nuotraukos is mano darbo kambario kur praleidziu daugiausiai laiko kurdama:)

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© Vasare Nar 2011

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11 thoughts on “My little chaotic work space

    • Thanks:) guess that’s one of advantages for living at home…I can have 2 rooms all to myself, hehe , but soon it will be a different story cause I really want to move to London or somewhere else…but for now I need to make the most of it = make a total mess and cover every square on the wall thats left :))

  1. I love this post reminds me so much of my own space. I become very messy and my excuse has always been because i know exactly where everything is that way – organised chaos x

    • I know what you mean, that how I am haha ‘organised chaos’ if I was to put everything into boxes and shelves I wouldn’t be able to find half of my stuff haha :)

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