Summer lists, do they ever work?

Hi, thought I will do a quick friday post. A while ago I made a summer list, then I lost it, and just found it there now, so guess I could only tick one or two things on my ‘to do’ list, and the summer is nearly over. I just had to add en extra line..‘or just do it by the next summer‘ thats more likely, and that’s not really cheating right?! Especially things like get a Canon 5d ???! , or buy a new mac!??! No way that’s gonna happen anytime soon. So I’m just gonna look at it once again, and fingers crossed by next summer I will be able to tick most of these. Lists like that a pretty stupid to be honest, but I feel like I have to make it otherwise I will forget my goals/plans, but then I end up loosing my list anyway. NO WIN! Do you ever make lists?  Also attaching few photographs I took yesterday, just walking around my house with my camera. How exciting! Haha , but I do like little details that you wouldn’t normally think about.Exploring all the way! x

//Nesenai padariau dar viena sarasa, ka padaryti per vasara, ar iki vasaros. Poto ji pameciau, vasaros gale radau. Tiesa pasakius siuo metu galeciau pazimeti gal tik viena ar du dalykus is cia. O mano idejos kaip isigyti Canon 5d ir nauja mac’a tai tikrai nebus igivendintos bent iki kitos vasaros, jei ne veliau (nors niekada negali zinoti) . Zodziu sarasa pratesiu iki kitos vasaros.. Aplamai galvoju kokia ju prasme? Ivardinciau taip: Kad matytum savo ‘goals’ vizualiai, nes pamirsti be galo lengva. Pamesti deja irgi, ar teko daryti sarasa,” ‘list’a”. nu pasipasakokite kanors apie ka kaip? :)

Loving these milan markers, think I mentioned them before beautiful pastel colours, and the photo with loads of clips and weird codes? If you though what was that about, it’s just codes that I had to write when I was fixing my blog’s layout with css. Definitely don’t have a good memory for numbers…Actually I have no memory for numbers at all. meh

nude eye shadows, keep it simple!

pastel  end eco envelopes from ebay, for post cards I will be making, once I order those stamp pads, beautiful colours that I picked, I will show you soon. also need to design a stamp for cards fun fun! Now going to  get myself another cup of coffee, and finish fashion collection catalogue that I’m making. Stress!!!

//Pasteliniai ir eco vokai illiustruotom atvirutem kurias darysiu greitu laiku, dabar lauku kai gausiu antspaudu dazus kuriuos uzsakiau, nerealios spalvos ahh. Einu pasidaryti dar viena puodeli kavos ir gryzti prie darbo pabaigineti rubu kolekcija, ir kataloga jai, stressas !

© Vasare Nar 2011

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24 thoughts on “Summer lists, do they ever work?

    • I haven’t been at the beach for over two years …its shocking! I really hope that september will bring me a nice late summer holiday at the beach…fingers crossed!

  1. As taip pat esu kazka pasidarius, bet tai dazniausiai buna spontaniskos mintys uzrasytos ant pirmo pasitaikiusio svaraus lapuko… Pasidaryti levandu maisiukus, ismokti korejieciu kalba, daugiau lieti akvarele, dziaugtis vasaros lietumi, susitvarkyti galu gale spinta ir pns.. Taciau, kas zino, gal ir siem noram lemta issipildyti :)
    P.S. spinta jau susitvarkiau! :D damn, kaip as ilgai tai atideliojau, gaila, kad susitvarkiau tik tada, kai jau nebeturejau kur deti nauju rubu…

    • As spinta susitvarkau karta I menesi koki.Kai reikia perziureti ka gi as ten turiu arba zinau kad kasnors mano kambary nakvos ta nakti. haha, O kalbos visada gerai! Noreciau ishmokti dar kokia kalba, bet mano atmintis tai kaip auksines zuveles, 5 metus atsimokius vokieciu kalbos zinau kokius 10 zodziu kogero…jei dar tiek..Galvoju tuos visus naujus planus reikia pradeti rashyti su markeriu ant lango! Niekada nepasimes ;)

  2. I had THE most ambitious summer list, I’m not too concerned about not getting most of it done, because I started a blog and I have started work on starting a business… all in all I did a good amount this summer without having a job :) so don’t be upset about your summer list, as long as you did SOMETHING this summer, you’re successful :D

    • yeah agree something is better than nothing. Hope I will be able to tick more by next summer. It’s like new year resolutions, you feel all ambitious then boom and you forget all about it! haha

  3. Oh gosh I am terrible for making summer ‘to do’ lists which I never actually do! I love the start of sumer though, when you have so many long days and endless possibilities stretching out before you and so I always love the idea that I’m going to get loads done even if it never quite materialises!

    • Yeah i know what you mean.. thats why I had to stretch my summer list for another few months hehe, I might have to make an autumn list with good intentions I will get something done. :))

    • Thank you I’m using Canon 550d and 50/1.8 lens most of the time or 18/135mm both are brilliant, I’m really happy with my canon, would love to get a 5D one one day, but this enough for now:)

  4. I make lists all the time too, achieve a couple of things then get lazy and avoid looking at the list at all costs. Your’s looks way prettier than mine though!

    ps. just discovered your blog and love your photography! x

  5. Don’t make lists for summer, summer is for relaxing!
    I see you like Frankie magazine, have you checked out Yen, Russh, and Oyster?
    They are a few really amazing Aussie magazines.

    Love you’re blog too btw. So pretty. Thanks for stopping in.
    Adding you’re link to my blog xx

  6. Read your summer list,it remind me of the past summers i spent during my college years.Lol,i had made a list in my mind,but at the end of the summer,i found i finished few of them.

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