Music, typography, and fashion.summary of whats to come

Its been a while since my last blog post, I had so many projects to finish , and then ended up going away for a few days, or should I say staying somewhere I wasn’t suppose to stay for that long and missing my bus constantly haha. Now I have loads of stuff I want to show you that I’ve been creating earlier. It really feels like it’s the only thing that keeps me sane right now, creating something new everyday. and music. don’t you just love that feeling when you have a song that it’s on repeat constantly and you never get bored.I also had a project based on music recently so it was really addictive , I will post the little intro video I created sometime this week, do you have any songs that you just can’t stop playing on and on again?

//Na va as gryzau po siokios pertraukeles, buvau isvykus I kita miesta keletai dienu, sutikau daug puikiu zmoniu, nesinorejo gryzti. Pastaruoju metu buvo daug projecktu kuriuos turejau pabaigti, vienas is ju su fashion susijes, cia vienas is screen shot ka dariau, kitas su muzika, idesiu video kuri sukuriau ir visa kita greitu laiku. Aplamai labai daug visokiu nauju darbu prisikaupe, reikes man dazniau parashyti kol viska sudesiu. mano vertimai tai geri, angliskai viena sakau lietuviskai kita, haha jei ka ten kaireje yra mygtukas kur viska isvercia.

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I created this fashion collection and together with that I designed website, ipad and iphone apps, and mock ups for that. So many images that I will do a blog post just based on that I guess. This is just a screen shot of work in progress as it wasn’t completely finished at that point.

//kuriau rubu kolekcija ir kartu su tuo sukuriau ipad, web ir iphone dizaina, tiek daug foto kad reikes atskira post’a sukurti tam kogero.

and here is a poster that I created for one of Michael Jackson songs called “earth song” its not the whole song just part of, cant stop playing it  ;/

I was at my friends house recently and he had all these records, loads of them , took this with my iphone, love  these colours and design of the cover.Though we couldn’t play any of them,still pretty sweet , and just throwing   in some self portraits here was gonna use some for the fashion project that was suppose to have reflections on white clothes with different patterns but ended up changing the direction in a way, that’s yet to come.

Have been pretty obsessed with typography and stuff lately, just working with text shapes and colours. Now I’m going to finish some new illustrations and will be creating some digital collages out of them and I have my tuuune thats’s on repeat oh yeah! god I love it, its a song that can make me sad but so happy at the same it is  new single by the Drums-Money.

The Drums – Money from Tim Heinrich on Vimeo.

© Vasare Nar 2011 all  artwork, typography , photography and design created by me, unless stated.

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13 thoughts on “Music, typography, and fashion.summary of whats to come

  1. dekui, kad pasidalini savo nuostabiais darbais :) Laukiu nesulaukiu, ka parodysi daugiau! P.S. As twitterio neturiu, jei ka zinai mano pasta :) Manau, esant dideliam reikalui tikrai rasim viena kita! :D

    • jo as twitter pagrinde naudoju del kurybos ir kad galeciau linksu i savo blog’a numesti nes ten niekada nezinai kas gali pamatyti.Tik pastebejau kad is lietuvos ten neturiu nei vieno kogero zmogaus nelabai populiaru gal? nors visai Geras! dalykas haha;)

    • thanks, the ones I created the design for are for “Michael Jacksons- earth song” I just love that song keep listening to it might create series of designs/posters on songs that inspire me :) hehe

  2. All your photos are very beautiful and inspiring, Vasare! :) I’ve added you to my Blog Roll! Looking forward to more posts! <3

    BTW, thanks for visiting and dropping comments on my blog! x

  3. i completely get what you mean about the song on repeat. sometimes that one song just fits my mood so perfectly and it’s all i want to hear! really cool graphic designs and portraits

    • Yeah it always goes with emotional state you are in..most of the time love..haha or happiness about something. really appreciate comment about my designs, was doing them while listening to the tune guess that helped to bring my emotions in a bit :))

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