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Hi anyone using pinterest? just thought I will do a quick post, I have been pretty obsessed with pining everything I find inspiring, rather than saving it on my mac like before cause I always get it lost, you when you delete something by accident ! bad times haha. You can check my inspiration pin board here. Just attaching few images that I have selected. Loads of inspiration!

//Gal naudojates pinterest? jei taip galit paziureti i mano here , geras puslapis issaugoti viska kas patinka, ikvepia ir panasiai

Just a screen shot of some of the things I liked. also attaching some images I have on my pinterest, if you have an account you can link me here and i will have a look though not that many people are using it, guess its something similar to tumbrl.

please note all images were found on pinterest or internet, and if you check my account here you will find all images linked so you can find where to buy them or see more .

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