First week in Vilnius

it’s been almost one week since I’m back to my hometown Vilnius to visit my friends and family and work on my photography and illustrations portfolio while i’m here. I have loads of photo-shoots planned for the next few weeks, that i’m really looking forward to. Also doing one tomorrow so photos will be up this weekend, lets hope its sunny! :)

//Jau beveik savaite kaip esu Vilniuje aplankyti seimos, sendiena buvau centre pasivaikscioti ir apsiziureti/paieskoti tinkamu vietu fotosesijom kurias suplanavau sia ir kita savaite, yra graziu vietu bet vis dar ieskau nauju jei zinote kokiu super idomiu pastatu apleistu dideliais langais ar seip restoranu/parduotuviu kur butu galima susitarti del shoot’o parashykite man I taip pat visada ieskau norinciu papozuot

walked around city centre today , took a few shots. I was actually looking for locations for take photographs, found few nice places but still on the hunt for that perfect spot!

me and my cousin went to see the love bridge, think they got the idea from the one in London ,still pretty sweet, so I took a little snap of my cousin while we were there hehe.

Time to go back and finish few illustrations that i’m working on also listed few new items on my society6 today I got an email today that one of my prints was selected to be on society shop woo. Time to draw some more, and finish this plan for tomorrows shoot. x

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