Kaleidoscopic Dreams

Kaleidoscopic Dreams a set of photographs, that I took last week, if you follow my facebook page you might have seen them earlier, but for those that haven’t been able to see them here they are, the model was my cousin Gintare. Art direction and photography by vasare nar. Hope you like them :)

//Nuotrauku serija Kaleidoskopiniai sapnai is praitos savaites jai sekate mane per mane facebook puslapi galbut jas jau matete, bet tie kurie nemate ikeliu jas cia modelis mano pussesere Gintare, fotografija ir art direction vasare nar :)

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 // Kvieciu prisijungti prie mano twitter facebook ar bloglovin kad gautumete visus pranesimus pirmi, greitu laiku papostinsiu nuotraukas fotosesijos kuria dariau prie keleta dienu.

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