shoot with Ieva – Haze

Some Photographs from the shoot ‘Haze’ I took a while ago, model  Ieva Vaitkunaite

just organising all my work today and hopefully will be doing another blog post with another project I did few months ago.

Hope everyone had a great Halloween by the way!

© Vasare Nar 2011

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and few more photographs from the shoot , you can also check behind the scene pics here

© Vasare Nar 2011


Vintage knitted jumpers (buy pastel pink jumper here )

Topshop skirt

Vintage Levis hot pants

Email me if you are interested in buying any jumpers from the shoot at

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112 thoughts on “shoot with Ieva – Haze

  1. These are absolutely stunning. Such an ethereal quality to them. I feel a surge of serenity just looking at them. I so wished you lived nearby so that I could ask you to document my Littles in just this same way. You are truly talented.

  2. Number 3 & 7, are pretty! I see you like your pictures a bit diffuse colorwise?

    And you took my place on freshly pressed, congrats with the next 24hours of fame! :D

  3. I love how “soft” the photos look! I modeled for 10 years before picking up the camera myself and I love seeing other work! Great job!

  4. I absolutely love your style! Your photography and graphic design skills are incredible. Very unique work. I’d love to make an icon based on your artwork for your blog. Wonderful post and congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

  5. Absolutely incredible use of the colors “blue” and “orange” in a few of these photos. Excellent eye! Keep up the great work. This is a wonderful use of a blog. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Love the photos, i have taken some professinal photos but it did not as good as this well done.

    I have a new website where i put up some of the designs i’ve done and the clothes i made. I will put the pictures soon so have a look.

  7. Wonderful snaps! I love the effect on the photos, the style is lush and the model is classic :) I can just imagine how wonderful your portfolio must be! Congrats on being Fresh :)

  8. Cool blog. My sister’s into photography, but I’ve always been more sketching/painting.You have really great pics, are you a fashion photographer? If so are you freelance or do you work for a company?

    Anonimo Silenzio

  9. Hello Vasare:

    I have enjoyed your gallery of pictures. They look so ethereal and beautiful. Never seen such delicate pictures before. Thank you much for sharing. I’m also a photographer, but still wet behind my ears.

    Best Regards,

    Omar Upegui R.
    Panama, Republic of Panama
    Central America.

  10. Wow, these photographs are AMAZING!!! Really Vasare, you are a true artist! I love the simple, minimalistic style of this shoot, the styling is superb, the entire set of photographs is absolutely beautiful! And Ieva is such a gorgeous girl!

    I’m a big lover of fashion and art, so it is a pleasure to stumble across your blog Vasare! You have a great talent.

    Looking forward to seeing more of your work, stay stylish :)

    The Image Mistress, xoxo

  11. Your work is beautiful! I love the filters and the minimal makeup. Check out my blog as I am a makeup artist and work with some great photographers! Keep it up…

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