S/S Fashion collection Dreams Reshape

I was going to post this project that I designed a good while ago, but ended up delaying it till now, well better later than never I guess. I created this fashion collection from photographic story I took in April, and called it ‘Dreams Reshape’ the idea behind was that if you let your heart to perceive you can discover the most beautiful things you look around. I also designed an iphone app and website where people would be able to shop the collection.

My Photography , Art direction and Design

Model in Photographs Hanna Lyttle

you can see the rest from this photo-shoot here 


This collection was created by using photographic story I took a while ago click bellow to see the rest of this project

You can see the rest from this shoot here 

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© Vasare Nar 2011

12 thoughts on “S/S Fashion collection Dreams Reshape

    • Hi thanks for your comment , no unfortunately there is no launch date as it was a personal project, though I would love to see it launched for real, that would be great :))

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