Friday evening

First Friday of 2012 :)  Spending my night in, drawing some illustrations and creating various collages and graphics on my mac will try to finish at least one of   them for Sundays post! hope everyone is having a great/ fun/ creative Friday evening. Think I’m still recovering after NYE . Today I finally managed to bin most of my old magazines that I don’t really need anymore, and will be using some of them for mixed media collages tonight. I love  night-time ! feels like creativity is kicking in mostly when its dark , chill music and no one to disturb oh yeahh, what about you?

// Penktadienio vakaras namie , paisau truputeli ir kitokia kuryba pire kompo uzsiemu, vis dar norisi pailseti po svenciu, o ypac vakare kai ateina kurybingumas nieko negali buti geriau, o kaip jum? vakars irgi kurybos metas?

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3 thoughts on “Friday evening

  1. I have sooo many mags tht when I put them in one stack, they come up to my waist! –however, if there are any u would like to get rid of, I will take them! ;)

    • Yeah I have too many, im getting rid out all ‘more’ magazines, start, glamour, look , grazia (but gonna keep editorials from all of them to put in my inspiration folder :)) Wouldn’t be much use after that I guess:) Just gonna keep Vogue and Bazar <3

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