Another print selected by Urban Outfitters

So glad Urban Outfitters selected another one of my designs to be included in their society6 artist shop you can see my previous one that they selected and was selling really well here , and if you like this one you can buy it on their shop here , by the way if you ever bought any of my other iphone cases from my society6 shop  would be really nice if you can send me a photo at  so I can put it on my blog, hope you have a nice day! X

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18 thoughts on “Another print selected by Urban Outfitters

  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! :) Wow, that’s amazing news *pops virtual champagne cork* :P I’m really happy for you Vasare, it’s great that your work is selling so well – though I wouldn’t expect anything less, you are incredibly talented!! Well done, it’s brilliant :)

    Stay stylish, xoxo

  2. Hey girl! I havent visited in a while, and I just stopped by to say hello and…
    BAM! Amazing stuff on Urban Outfitters?!
    Vasare this is sooo sick!
    I just got the Iphone finally, I may be purchasing one of your cases!

    Congrats! You’re work is awesome!
    xx Chels

  3. Hello Friend~ You have some groovy designs. I admire you!!

    I know you have worked hard to develop and market your creations, and I know you had to start somewhere, so maybe you will relate; I need your help! I am just at the beginning stages of trying to market my jewelry designs (I also make really unique hula hoops) and I am trying to get my work out there/noticed, but I am not feeling very successful. I have worked at some festivals and craft fairs, vending, and I am working hard on finishing my website, FB page and etsy submissions. I noticed you had some of your own work featured at Urban Outfitters, and I also think my style would jive with places like Urban Outfitters or Free People, or Anthropologie. Here’s my question: what do I do next? How did you get your designs noticed by the people at those companies?

    Please help! I would be forever grateful to you. I really look forward to hearing from you.

    Thank You and Be Well,

    Olivia Crowley

    • Hi Olivia,

      Thanks for your comment I really appreciate you positive feedback, and congrats on starting out with your jewelry designs. To get your work noticed you have to spend loads of time promoting it everywhere, share it on twitter, facebook and everywhere you can think of. My work got noticed by urban Outfitters through society6 website. Its for illustrators and photographer and UO constantly review latest work and pick the ones they like to be featured on their print shop. You can also send loads of emails with your portfolio to different sites and bloggers , even send some goodies for a review( I haven’t done that, but I think doing give-aways and sending your work to other people will pay off in the end and will get you noticed) I’m sure Some fashion bloggers would love to wear your accessories for a review in exchange to a couple free products . Good luck with everything and if you need any help let me know. Also when you get your site set up and all link me , I can share it on my pinterest/twitter to get you started. Take care! x

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