Pancakes day / test shoot / & drawings

Hi happy friday! so since my last blog post about my aztec/ tribal inspired iphone covers  I’ve sold more than 20 of them and numbers seem to be growing thanks for everyone who promoted it and who bought it! would love to see a photograph of you and my case if you are owner of one of my cases please please  send it to me at and I will share it on my blog :) . Today I Just want to show some photographs that I took this week. I attended this ‘pancakes day’ event that is called  ‘Uzgavenes’ in my hometown. Everyone had to dress up and there was load of pancakes mmm. My favourite would be waffle pancakes with Nutella. Reed the rest here

photo of my friend  from a little test shoot earlier this week. (nuotraukos is parko pries keleta dienu kur fotografavau drauge)

saw this little rabbit while taking photos in the park, adorable! (sutikome zuiki mishke labai mielas)

my friend and her daughter at  pancakes day aka ‘uzgavenes’ event more photos here (drauge su dukrele per uzgavenes) Spauskite cia kad pamatyti visas foto 

and few more photographs ‘behind the scenes’ from test shoot we did the other day , such an amazing weather over here in U.K really sunny , will be a huge difference once I fly over to Vilnius next Saturday will better get loads of warm knit out to keep me warm :) hehe

keleta kitu nuotrauku ir ‘uz kadro’ pas mus oras lb puikus silta ir daug saules, bus didelis skirtumas gryzus i vilniu kita sestadieni, reikia traukti siltus drabuzius :))

so in the last few days I took some photographs for a personal project that will be up on my facebook soon  and started some new patterns and illustrations for my portfolio. What have you been up to? By the way i’m not far from 1000 likes on my fb page and would really appreciate if you could like my page and/or share it.xx

Thanks for checking my blog!

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Have a great day!

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