Sketches/Drawings/Jewelry – Spring pastels!

First post of May! Spring pastels , jewelry , some random sketches and drawings. Thanks for reading my blog and all your sweet  tweets about my work, really appreciate it. Now I feel so behind with all my post I have quite a few planned for this week so bare with me. Here is some photographs from yesterday just little details, things I like, drawings/ sketches I’m making.  Think Its time to open picnic season , what do you think? Have a great day!

//Keleta kasdienos nuotrauku , eskizai ,piesiniai papuosalai , reiketu koki picnic suorganizuoti greitu laiku manau, ar jus jau atidaret picnic’u sezona?:)

Really loving all bracelets and rings at the moment, just cant have enough what about you ?  think its definitely  my new spring/summer obsession! (all jewelry Freedom at Topshop)

Thanks for checking my blog


17 thoughts on “Sketches/Drawings/Jewelry – Spring pastels!

  1. Yep, we’ve already opened. It’s great time. But this weekend is likely to be rainy so I think it would be great time for reading book or creating something like postcards. Have you any? If yes, please give some photos:))) Have a nice day!!!

    • No haven’t got the chance , the weather was not really suitable for picnics so far, but today seems to be really sunny so might have a picnic with my friend and bring my camera along:)

  2. Hey!!! Thanks for your comment!!! Nice pictures, I love those patterns!! I’m following you on Facebook and twitter because I know I’ll enjoy all your updates :) Where I can get those wonderful IPhone cases?

    Thank you sweetie!! xxx

  3. Love your work! I’m a big fan of bracelets, myself. I was actually making a new one last evening- excited to finish it :)

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