Monday inspiration: Geometric Art

I’m  obsessed with  geometric art , these are some inspirational images that I would like to share (I tried to link most of these, but couldn’t find the source for some)  Enjoy and feel free to share any interesting geometric art you make so I can add it to my next post. You can also check my  pinterest  for more.

couldn’t find the source for these collages, but love them!

All these are really inspiring, colours shapes, triangles, lines, symmetry.

MAYA HAYUK FRIENDSHIP BRACELET: BETTER BFF’S 14 x 18″ acrylic on panel (2011)

Love all these! I tried to link to the artists where I was able to find the source. Email me your work for next monday inspiration  post at

Thanks for checking my blog!


5 thoughts on “Monday inspiration: Geometric Art

  1. These are amazing! I’ve always thought that I’d love to buy or make some geometric art similar to this for my walls when I move out next year! Great inspiration :) I’m yet to join Pininterest – i suppose I should get on it…

    • Yes pintetert is great, I found most of these on pinterest and see loads of great geometric art on tumblr, but its just so handy to save all inspirations and categorise it that I just prefer pinterest, send me a link when you decide to join:)

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