Good Summer vibes (Photo diary part 1)

Summer is here , well theoretically at least. I love summer. Adore it. If lifts my Spirit and everything seems so much better. All the festivals, flat sandals, summer dresses, denim cut -offs, eating and drinking like I’m on Holiday, road trips, strawberries, Iced-cold rose with my girlies  by the seaside, light evenings and high blue skies! So manny positive things about summer…

//Myliu vasara! O vasara myli mus :))

So here is some photographs form my first weeks of summer 2012. What makes you appreciate summer ?  something I haven’t mentioned i’m sure?…My list goes on!

”Part of the fun on travel is the unknown…you end up stumbling across the most amazing places”

Hope you are enjoying yours, and its not raining too much! We all need to make the most of it!

Thanks for checking my blog


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