GHHORIZONTAL New tribal geometric Pattern

Hi guys, here is a new pattern GHHORIZONTAL available on various products on my society6 shop , enjoy!

Hope you had a great summer, I will be doing a post with photo diaries from the last few weeks of summer, that was really great :)



Thanks for checking my blog!



4 thoughts on “GHHORIZONTAL New tribal geometric Pattern

  1. Hi,
    I checked out your work about 2 months back and am a complete fan especially of the aztec-tribal work you’ve done.I’m particularly fascinated with your itouch and iphone covers. I was just about to buy one of your ipod touch covers, then noticed that you haven’t designed any for the iPod Touch 5g, which is what I have. I would really appreciate it if you could design for the 5g as I really want to buy a lot of this and the 5g is very different sizewise to the other ipod touch . It’s similar to the iphone 5 but thinner

    • Hi glad you like these designs unfortunately its not up to me which models of cases society6 sells, but I think it ipod touch 5 is anew version it should show up on the site sometime soon! :)

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