Home / studio / workspace Decor ideas

Some inspirational ideas on how to decorate our home and workspace.

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I just love looking at home / and studio decor ideas , hoping that someday I will have my own spacious studio where I can organise everything (so I don’t get confused between all my work files like happens nowadays quite often ) and have plenty of space to create would be a huge advantage…Here is some inspirational ideas straight from my pinterest.

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8 thoughts on “Home / studio / workspace Decor ideas

  1. man patinka ta ideja su neoninem juostelem priespaskutineje nuotraukoje, bet manau, jog greitai gali pabosti, o ypac kai pas mane daznai buna slogi nuotaika :D Seip aciu uz inspiracija, taip pat tavo pintereste randu visokio kito gerio :) Dekui dar kart!

    • TAIP!! NEON detales labai man irgi fainai atordo, dar labai patiko ta siena kaip ‘chalk board’ tai su kreida gali uzsirahsyti idejas poto nuplauni labai faina ideja, pinterest tikras geris :))

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