Hakuna Matata Spring is here!

Hello,  Finally its Spring-time… Summer is getting closer and I literally can’t wait. I want sunshine!

Few days ago (after loads of coffee ) I felt productive and decided to create something new. I designed  experimental Hakuna Matata type collage for my society6 shop  .

it was just a few hours project, but I think it looks pretty cool on a tee,  though society6 tees are a bit different in shape (than the one I have shown here). So I decided it would be a great idea to make some tees myself. I just need to find some nice oversized white tees and possibly get some fabric dye as I want to add the ombre dip dye effect to it. If everything will go well I will show you the final results. (it it won’t go well I will show you as well of course haha)

//marskineliu gamybos procesas

hakuna matata vasare nar art print illustration black white portrait



You probably all know ,  it means : “No Worries for the rest of your Days”


It comes in two colour variations which one do you prefer?


I was so thrilled to see when It made to the front page on Wanelo with over (13 000 saves)  ( a site where people can save stuff they would like to purchase) Like Pinterest , but its mainly for products. Great start to the Spring cause I already had a few sales !

Thanks for checking my blog


One thought on “Hakuna Matata Spring is here!

  1. Hey there!
    I love your iphone 5 case design but I cannot get the society6 page to work in order for me to buy it!
    Is there any other way that I can buy it?

    Thanks for your help!


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