Wake up , and try to do something productive today.  Finish a project that you’ve been planning to get done for ages, reply to an email thats is still in progress, write a blog post that you   were meant to do last week.

Tick one thing of your  To Do List and you will feel so much better.

There is this cool Teux Deux browser baseD To Do app that  you can sync with your iphone.

Check it out , it might help you to keep on track.I just stated using it yesterday, so still working it out, but looks helpful so far.

 Ask yourself “is what I’m doing right now getting me closer to what I want to achieve.”

Stop procrastinating and Just DO it


Just Do It print available here


Favourite part when I wake up  (if I have time) …coffee + mac + checking out news / blogs / and emails in bed

sketches brainstorm art collage trend 2013 creative style vasarenar geometric hipster tumblr designer freelance

New work in progress/ sketches etc

“Do Something today , that your Future self will thank you for” Love this quote, and it should be one to live by. Any quotes you love , that inspires you? Love collecting them on my pinterest , I might even make a wall of creative type posters in my studio soon…

Thanks for checking my blog!


5 thoughts on “JUST DO IT

  1. I love this! I wrote something similar not long ago and it worked for a week :) then I started procrastinating again, so your post is a great reminder! Love your artwork too btw!

    • Haha yes I know what you mean..happens to me all he time! I might have to do a post like this weekly just so I don’t start this procrastination cycle again! Btw thanks!glad you like my designs ;)

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