Urban Outfitters Zine #1

Sunday  Fun day. Earlier I went to Urban Outfitters to buy this book  ( I will do a post on this later on ). And realised they have a new Urban Outfitters  ZINE  (or not so new? ) To be honest  I didn’t even know they  had one, so when I saw this zine  in-store I had to take it home:)  Its really inspiring, full  of great art , photography and illustration posters by a bunch of talented creatives! (ant its FREE). Here is some photographs of whats inside.



I decided to put these posters on my art wall  for some daily inspiration ,Looking forward to see Issue #2.



Hopefully They will be accepting submissions in the future, would love to be featured in their Zine one day…!  Feel inspired today. Just started cutting out some shapes for collages and bought  some holographic / textured papers , so tonight should be creative!

Thanks for checking my blog!


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