Rainy Saturday, magazines and coffee

Such a rainy day , but a cup of nice coffee with some new magazines makes it much better!  Im also going to cut these magazines for the collages  that I’m making  this weekend so it should be a fun afternoon! ( Maybe some Wine later).. coffee magazine elle bazaar iphone reading collage inspiration cool art rainy day ireland rain magazine-chanel-elle-collage-cut-outs-words-love-tumblr-type-miu-miu-vogue-dior- jungle fever Here is some type/ words that I already have cut out from my other old magazines, already used the Jungle Fever for one of my collages, just need to scan it first. Fashion magazines are great for collages cause there is loads of Article titles that you can cut out, and even gives you some ideas of how to call a certain art work. Just looks Like a  mix of keywords when you look at it. Topshop-zebra-cool-interior-display-fashion-drawing-triangles-geometric-awesome-sharpie-markers-inspiration-neon-colour-

And just a few snaps from my instagram @vasarelle , saw this Zebra at Topshop in Belfast the other day, How awesome ? And on the left some random doodles, while on the phone, because you know…drawing while on the phone is very productive!

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9 thoughts on “Rainy Saturday, magazines and coffee

    • I’m starting to think that there will be no summer in Ireland , wind and rain every single day:/ , glad Im flying to Netherlands in two weeks, hope there will be more sun:) , rain is only good if you need to do work and stay in, then you have nothing to loose anyway haha

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