Life Lately + Instagram Diary

Some photographs from these past few weeks! I haven’t been able to update my blog that often lately, but you can follow me on Instagram for more daily updates . Last week I was in London. It was so amazing!  And now working on some new exciting collaborations, and enjoying the sun, while its there!

Have a great weekend!

Instagram flamingo pineaple summer birhtday 30 june vasare nar photography photo aztec tribal native drawing sharpie markers stabilo London M&Ms Navajo vasarenar Alice In Wonderland cat designer

My favourite Pineapple glass. Cheers! • 30th June was My Birthday • M&M’s candy World in London (amazing place!)

Sunglasses at London Camden Market • Flamingo glass+ Rose wine + Stabilo Markers = creative evening! • Flight to London Me and my cat :)

Illustration inspired by Alice in Wonderland Cat•  Aztec Navajo drawings for new exciting collaboration!

Thanks for checking my blog!


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