art design + Alice in Wonderland

Hope you had a great and productive  week! It feels great when you get things done from your ‘To Do’ list and can enjoy the weekend. I just want to share one of my new illustrations ‘Alice in Wonderland‘ inspired ‘This world is mad’ available to purchase as art + other products here

 Enjoy your Weekend!




Alice in wonderland on Iphone case // Pillow // ART PRINT // Laptop case // Ipad case 

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8 thoughts on “art design + Alice in Wonderland

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  3. Wow! I have just found your blog through google and I am sooo glad I did! Your work is incredible! I look forward to more more more!!! One question, Do your designs ship to Canada? Is there anywhere they are available on line that will ship to Canada? I would absolutely LOVE to purchase even just a print of this Alice inspired work. Your style is very unique ;D I’d like to share a few photos and links on my design blog…Maybe send you a few questions to share the answers with readers before Christmas? If you are not too busy ;) Leave me a direct message through our “Contact Us/About Us” page on my blog ok? Thank You! Again, your work is incredible!
    via Designed-Opinions

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