The end of Fall. Mini Photo-Diary.

It’s been a while since my Last Photo Diary , so I decided to share some pictures from my last few weeks of autumn, apparently it should start snowing this weekend (here in Vilnius) . I really need to invest in some cosy fall sweaters. I’m freezing already! Hope everybody is keeping well. Don’t get cold! Amaretto coffee is what I need right now…  Lets connect on instagram?

drawing-illustration-pattern-work-in-progress-freelance-artist-vilnius-dezainere-sharpies-coffee-workspace-lifestyle-aztec-tribal-promarkers-vasarenar-forest photography chill autumnfall-autumn-photography-tumblr

fashion-style-fall-knitwear-sweater-topshop-urban-outfitters-vintagesharpies-markers-illustration-artlisten fashion-art-design-vasarenar-zebra-collage-mixed-media-animal-print-iphone-case-trend-2014-2015IMG_8501coffee-photography-photography-art-typography-design-sharpies-blog-design-illustrator-tumblrprizmaIMG_6427IMG_8311vasare-nar-portrait-artist-photography-IMG_8611 mushrooms-photography-nature-fall-macbook-bed-chill bedroom-sunnywysitwatch-watch-aztec-tribal-native-navajo-vasare-nar-watch-wysiwatch-vasarenar-fashion-style-france-navajo-christmas-gift-idea-


* Ring Topshop // Jumpers Vintage // Aztec Watch available here

Ruduo Ruduo krenta lapai auksiniai…Stai keleta nuotrauku is mano velyvo rudens. Buvo daug kavos su shokoladu, jaukiu vakaru ant languoto pledo, bepaisant ivairias iliustracijas, dali is ju galite pamatyti ant mano naujos laikrodziu kolekcijos stai cia

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