Fashion cravings. Urban Outfitters

 I decided to do new series of post with some fashion and accessories picks from my favourite clothing shops. Today I would like to feature few items that I found at… Urban Outfitters (YES. love love love what they have in-store) Each week I will pick a shop and create a fashion inspired collage based on my finds, let me know in the comments bellow which shops you would like to see next. Hope you enjoy it and Have a great day! fashion-urban-outfitters-clothing-collage-mixed-media-art-illustrator-freelance-designer-vasare-nar-style-trend-2014-2015-jumper-magazine-cool-bloggers-shopping-topshop-elle-vogue-summer-winter-

Here is the list of items I used for this collage.

Green panda sweater // Black dress // Tie-Dye skirt // Collar Sweatshirt // Deena & Ozzy Boots

Thank you for checking out my blog!


8 thoughts on “Fashion cravings. Urban Outfitters

      • it’s great as are all the others boards I’ve seen that you posted today. I am getting back into cs6 at the mo after a long break- my comp crashed- so you have inspired me! thanks :)

        • Thats super great that I inspired you! I love when people get some motivation/ inspiration to create :) I really hate when my mac crashes, thankfully my new one works perfectly so far, but my older one used to crash all the time, it was so difficult to finish the work when it was crashing while working with bigger files..

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