New abstract design ‘Carrousel’

I have a new design available in my society6 print shop ‘Carrousel’

Abstract hand drawn then digitally finished kaleidoscopic design inspired by the colours and motifs of childhood Carrousel memories.

aztec-tribal-native-navajo-geometric-native-kaleidoscopic-textile-fashion-print-trend-style-summer-2015-2016-urban-outfitters-topshop-freelance-designer-portfolio-kitch-colourful-bold-ikat-peruvian-triangles-vasare-naraztec-tribal-native-navajo-geometric-native-kaleidoscopic-textile-fashion-print-trend-style-summer-2015-2016-urban-outfitters-topshop-freelance-designer-portfolio-kitch-colourful-bold-ikat-peruvian-triangles-vasare-nar iphone case pillow home decor

You can buy this design on a selection of products here

Thank you for checking out my blog!



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