My Artwork stolen by ASOS.COM and used on a bikini

I was  little bit shocked today  while doing some  online shopping I noticed that one of my designs ‘Aztec print illustration’ was used by ASOS.COM without my permission on one of their swimsuits..Not sure if you read this article when Urban Outfitters  once stole the design from another society6 artist (read here) but things like that shouldn’t happen … don’t even know what to say! stolen design aztec tribal native navajo print vasare nar cool print



5 thoughts on “My Artwork stolen by ASOS.COM and used on a bikini

  1. Hey Girl!
    This is at horrifying!
    A friend of mine discovered a Tshirt in an online shop with her face on it! It came out that this photo was taken in a club by a club photographer who sold his pictures (of course without asking for permission). She hired a lawyer and is now waiting for a comensarion which will be a certain percentage of the income generated with this shirt.

    What I want to say is: Dont ignore that! Hire a lawyer or a consultant and talk through it. It is very likely that it already will help if the lawyer writes a letter to ASOS – maybe you and ASOS can meet half way. This is your design, this is your work! They have to pay you for using it. It is one thing to get inspired by street style and the other thing to steal a design.

    Fight for your art

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