10 Examples of Creative Mixed Media Art to inspire You

Discover a variety of results that can be achieved with mixed media Art.

I want to  share some of my Mixed media designs that hopefully will give you some inspiration.

All you need is 

1. Some hand drawn elements

2. Abstract pieces of magazine cut outs combined together

3. Image editing software such as Adobe Photoshop or Pixlr etc.

4. Scanner and a digital pen such as Wacom Bamboo Pen & Touch 

5.  Some Creativity, Inspiration and Motivation :)

Mixed media art is increasingly popular form of graphic design, I like to use some of my doodles from sketchbook, and incorporate them in my mixed media designs to create fresh new experimental art-works

Hope you will get a huge dose of inspiration from these pieces of mixed media art.


tropical-macaw-mixed-media-collage-art-design-artist-freelance-cool-illustration-triangle-drawing vasare nar artist design illustration freelance tee apparel-

Tropicana Macaw mixed media collage


Mary Katrantzou Inspired Fashion Collage  by vasare nar 

UNICorn-experimental-art-design-collage-vasare-nar-shutterstock-animal-drawing-illustration-inspiration-tumblr-creative-triangles“Unicorn Dream” Art print available here collage-artistic-creative-aztec-tribal-native-vasare-nar-designer-illustrator-commision-artwork-music-album-cover-2013-2014-trendLuscious Insanity Art print at society6 fashion-collage-geometric-art-artists-portfolio-boho-triangle-aztec-tribal-native-tumblr-feathers-girl-stunning-topshop-urban-outfitters-magazine-trned-2014-2015Wildfox Sparkle Art print you can buy here 


Fashion Week Fantasy  (mixed media collage ) Tutorial  for Shutterstock available here cat-collage-hipster-art-kitten-cool-art-design

Ayahuasca available  here FLAMINGO-LAND-ART-PRINT-COLLAGE-MIXED-media-design-vasarenar-TROpical-artist-shutterstock-design-creative-cool-appareal-topshop-urban-outfitters-kitch-hipster-pink-pastel-tumblr-

Flamingo-land available here


Ayahuasca cat collage is available at society6 print shop 

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