List of 8 Fashion Trends for 2015 to get you inspired

Fashion Trends for 2015

Looking at latest fashion trends for Spring / Summer 2015.

Some of the Key trends listed here: (source Vogue)

  1. Hippy Deluxe
  2. Ballerina
  3. Kimono
  4. Head to tow White
  5. Candy Graphics
  6. Pop Art
  7. Romantic Lace
  8. Monochrome

What is your favourite trend for Spring / Summer? Previous post about fashion trends: Spring Summer Mary Claire / Fashion holographic / Tribal Touch Fashion Pattern inspiration ballerina-2015-2016-2017-fashion-trends-style-white-hippie-hippy-kimono-fashion-magazine-inspirationFASHION-TREND-2015-2016-POP-Art-monochrome-candy-graphics-style-fashionable-mood-board-inspiration-vogue-urban-outfitters-trendy- Thanks for checking my blog, don’t forget to subscribe to email updates to get latest news! ▲ LET’S CONNECT ▲ PORTFOLIO FACEBOOK /  TWITTER / INSTAGRAM TUMBLR / PINTERESTSHOP

2 thoughts on “List of 8 Fashion Trends for 2015 to get you inspired

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