Life lately. Photo Diary // Winter of my dreams.

It’s been 4 months now since I’ve been living in SEAsia. Freelancing gave me a good opportunity to be able to travel and work on graphic design at the same time. I feel so lucky to be able to do that. I can honestly say this winter was the best ever. From watching sunset every evening, to drinking fresh coconut juice and drawing illustrations at the beach. Exploring Cambodia, and meeting new people. And of course amazing weather of +30 everyday.

Here is some pictures from my adventure in Cambodia.

Now My new Current location is Thailand (Bangkok) so if you live in Thailand let me know. Would be good to hear from locals about best places to see.

For more photo/video  updates check my Instagram 

drawing-beach-illustration-freelance-designer-vasare-nar-abstract-psychedelic-cool-artisitc-graphic-line-drawing-sihanoukville-cambodiaSUNSET BEACH vasare nar sihanoukville cambodia travellingfresh fruit cambodia

Fresh fruit in the Market


phnom pehn cambodia travelling

Phnom Penh


10974168_10205991849983355_7906643251243405137_operfect sangria recipe fruit drink bech summer

Made some Fresh Fruit Sangria, at the beach.
PHNOM-PENH-fcc-photography-vasare-nar-travelling-asiaGIRLS-ON-BIKES-PHOTOGRAPHY-PHNOM-PENH-motorbike asia photographyCOCKTAILS DRINK Cambodia phnom penhbuddha vasare nar photographyamber-beach-bar-coconut-otres-sihanoukville-beach-holiday-bar-grill-drawing-art-



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