HIGH TECH Magnetic Wall Art, new must have for cozy home.

Have you ever heard about Displate? A place where you can buy loads of cool artwords and put them on your walls, to decorate you bedroom, livingroom, office or anything else you wish.

So recently I saw this Vlog on Yotube where a Vloger Adrienne Finch shared here experience with displate and you can see my Artwork ‘Be You But Cooler’ featured in the video. Check my shop HERE

I love seing customer photos of my designs, and I want to share her video, maybe you are looking for some new decorations for your your home, or you know a friend that would love to have some new prints at home, check it out I’m sure you will find something.

So Here is that video of my design, ‘Be You But cooler’ festured. Let me know some inspiring quotes, for new series of minimalistic prints.

Also here is a few screen shots from the video. Follow me on instagram for more posts about lifestyle, art, fashion, design and positive mindset.Buy this print here

Get this here
Get this print and others HERE

You can get this print and other designs here

Thanks for checking out my blog. Follow me on instagram here

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